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Yearly Archives: 2010

Grand Opening: The Forum

Tweet We set up a forum to help you share tips about our applications. If you have suggestions, enhancements proposal or bug report  let us now by writing a message there.

New android app released: GPUBench 1.0.0

Tweet Today we released GPUBench, an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark. You can find it on the Google Android Market or download the apk from this site. GPUBench uses old school demomakers 2D effects to analyze vertex and fragment shaders performance: tunnel rotozoom mode 7 blur more… You can submit your scores and compare your device […]

30 new levels in the 4th World of Moblox

Tweet The upcoming Moblox update will include 30 new levels with a new kind of element in the game : ropes and breakable ropes. Here is a preview of level 4-22: The 1.2.0 Android version will also includes OpenFeint for Android !

Samsung Spica and Moment OpenGL Problems

Tweet Since we launched Moblox, we had some comments and messages from Samsung Spica and Samsung Moment owners who couldn’t play the game on their phones. These phones share the same SoC. So they probably have the same OpenGL drivers and encounter same problems. We tried different approach to make the game works fine on […]

Virtual Keyboard Input with NDK

Tweet Some Moblox users reported that they had an issue with their delete key when they wanted to enter their name in the text box. Moblox is mostly written in C++ and we have to use a trick to open the virtual keyboard. The same trick that Phil Hassey (Galcon developer) described on his blog. After some investigation, […]

Moblox on YAAM

Tweet Moblox is now available on YAAM, an alternative market that permits users from any country to pay applications with Paypal and other payment methods. If you can’t find the full version of Moblox on the official Android Market, you should try YAMM:

Force Close: How to help us ?

Tweet Hi, You love our games and discover a force close (Crash on Android) and you want help us to improve our softwares. Please follow these instructions: install aLogCat (this software is available on the market); Use our software and wait for a ForceClose; Launch aLogcat and click on “Menu” on your phone; Select Send […]